Imprinted Concrete Resealing

How to maintain your Imprinted Concrete driveway

IMPORTANT: when resealing your driveway you must use the same sealer that Aztec Paving Ltd applied when your driveway was first laid. Cheaper products purchased elsewhere use different chemicals and this can cause a bad reaction with our sealer. 

Stage 1:

Jet wash your printed concrete driveway and use something like Fairy liquid to thoroughly degrease the area. 

Stage 2:

Replace or fill in any gaps with all-purpose clear silicon.

Stage 3:

Wait until a completely dry day when there is no rain forecast, driveway must be dry before sealer is applied. Apply acrylic based sealer (available to buy from us) with a new paint roller. When applying sealer, ensure to wear a protective mask and gloves and dress in old clothes. One coat of sealer should be ample. 

Stage 4:

Assess coverage if areas still look dry after first sealer coat has been applied, add another coat. 


Please note: a non-slip agent (rhinogrip) can be added to the sealer at the point of sealing the driveway and is also available to buy from us. 



Sealer drum (coverage 90m2): £150.00 plus VAT

Rhinogrip: £40.00 plus VAT


Before and after examples



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