Concrete Driveway Repairs

A range of driveway refurbishment services

Block Paving Refurbishment and Repairs

We can fix and restore your old block paving driveway whether it is concrete paving, cobble paving or clay paving done by other people. Alternatively, whether it is poor workmanship and the paving has sunken we can take up those areas and make flat again, or replace broken blocks. If the concrete has gone green and had weeds or moss in the joints, we can jet wash and add industrial weed killers giving the paving a fresh, clean look, then seal it back up to ensure no more plants come through. We also add acrylic sealer to rejuvenate the colour of the paving leaving them with a matt or shiny finish - your choice. The sealer will also stop weeds! So you can enjoy it for a lot more years to come.

Printed Concrete Repairs and Refurbishment

We can refurbish old printed-concrete laid by a previous company, where the joints have not been sealed with Silicon properly, or the sealer has come off in places where they never washed the driveway properly previously to adding the sealer. We can add chemicals and rejuvenate the driveway surface before adding a new sealer coat with our specially formulated sealer. To add future protection sealer must be added every 2 to 3 years depending on use. If it comes off, then it leaves the concrete underneath exposed to damage, which if left too long can become irreversible. Call now or contact us to find out if your printed-concrete needs repairing!

This can cost a lot less than you think!

First we jetwash your driveway and then do a chemical clean to remove any residual oil. On block paving, we can level off the sunken pavement, add new sand in joints to raise it and level out your paving. Moreover, on printed drives we can add new silicone in joints, we then paste on a release chemical which gets rid of efflorescence, then it is ready for new sealer coats to add future protection against future staining and to bring the colours back to life!

Aftercare advice and technical support: after we have finished the work we will leave you with guidance and information on how to keep the driveway maintained yourself, where you can buy sealer from us and other necessary chemicals or just offer our future services for resealing, refurbishment or other repair work.



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