Project Info:

  • Client: Catholic Church
  • Location: Bristol

A project designed and installed by Aztec. With this project we had to turn a tired and unsafe entrance to the front of the church into something safe and eye catching. With so many people using it every day we had to use something durable: we chose the ideal product- printed concrete. we added some grape and leaf patterns and coloured them. We also printed a cross with sun beams coming from it as the centre floor piece then had to add something that could be seen from the road which would be unusual, we got involved with Bristol Blue Glass who did the eye catching bright blue glass on either side of the pillars with angels and bible extracts engraved on them. Then for the front we had two doves engraved flying towards the doors on a slate background. With the pillars painted white and olive trees planted in the top we achieved what we wanted for it to be noticed and admired from close up and a far.

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